Dragon Jewels (FREE) App Reviews

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I can see why it's free. It's ok if your on a bus or something, but if you want this why not get bejeweled? All on all, ok, but if you can get something better.

Lark on my go cart

I play the song lark on my go cart when I play this app even though I don't have the song and I haven't played the app yet

Amazingly addicting!

OMG this app is so addicting I have been playing it all day and I will continue to do so anybody who is reading this should get this app now!

Be nice if it could remember your game

Hi, while I like this game, it's annoying not to be able to retain your game when u leave the application. And to see your previous game scores.

good concept

it just needs to be refined.

lame is the name of the game

this might keep you occupied if on an airplane waiting for your flight to take off or pull into the airport or something. that is to say... it coudl kill some time, but really its slow, and clunky and dumb and if you spend time doing this that you could have spend doing anything else, you'll regret it

So addicted!

It was free, so I thought, why not? I love this game. One star off because I do wish there were instructions, and that progress could be saved. Cool game, though.


It's very boring the game is wors then bejewled!


Very slow and the animations are VERY annoying. Save your money.

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